Barb Goldberg of The Evil Stepmother Speaks invites you to the stepmom retreat you’ve been waiting for…


This is the ultimate transformational program for stepmoms. If you are a new stepmom or have never studied stepmom skills, this retreat is for you. We designed it for a small group of stepmoms to come together and have a wonderful retreat experience where they learn how to positively transform their current experience. 

We know how hard it is to be a stepmom and all the challenges you face, so we give you an experience where you can learn how to create a stepmom life that brings you happiness and is more in alignment with who you truly are. We also give you the time and space to come together and heal past wounds, let go of resentments and start a renewed stepmom journey together.

 Why Should  I Go to the Stepmom Sanctuary Retreat?

        • You’re looking to create the stepmom life you want and want support on your journeyStepmom Sanctuary Retreat 2016

        • You want to create a better relationship with your partner 

        • You want to know the best ways to deal with difficult situations related to being a stepmom

        • You can be completely yourself and find a way to feel like yourself at home

        • You want to be understood and find like-minded people 

        • You want to feel in control, find your power and learn how to use it in a way that benefits your whole family

      •  You feel as though something needs    to change, but you’re unsure of what or how. You will find answers here 

 What Will You Learn at the Stepmom Sanctuary Retreat?

    • Strategies we’ve created from working with hundreds of stepmoms to help you create the stepmom experience you want

    • How to let go of resentments and heal past wounds so you can move forward with a fresh perspective and an open heart  

    • How to deal with difficult situations related to being a stepmom

    • How to deal with the Ex

    • How to ease feelings of anxiety, anger and resentment

    • What disengagement is and isn’t, when to disengage and how to do it effectively

    • How to create healthy boundaries so you don’t feel like a doormat

    • How to fill your emotional tank and why it’s vital to your success as a stepmom

    • How and when to connect with your stepchildren

    • How to preserve your relationship when you don’t agree with your partner’s parenting

    • How to get clarity on your role: when to speak up and when to step back

  • How to take time out for yourself without feeling guilty

What Will the Retreat Do For You?

    • You will be part of a community of women who feel the same way you do and who are committed to finding ways to enjoy their stepfamilies and overcome challenges

    • You will feel validated and inspired

    • You will feel a strong sense of self and be empowered to make positive changes

    • You will ease feelings of Outsider syndromeStepmom Tribe

    • You will take a break from tending to everyone else so you can focus on Self

    • You will learn how to step into your power and feel confident in your role

    • You will regain control of your life

    • You will be given time to reflect on and process your stepmom experience

    • You will identify and learn how to let go of beliefs not serving you

    • You will have the opportunity to grieve losses and let go of past hurts

What Will Barb and Your Peers Create for You?

At the Stepmom Sanctuary Retreat, Barb will create a safe, non-judgmental, supportive space where you will learn about all things stepfamily and leave with a toolbox filled with tactics to help you with your daily challenges:  The Ex. Your Partner. Children

You’ll have a chance to recover from stepmom burnout, recharge, get reacquainted with yourself and emerge happier and more peaceful than you’ve been in a long time. 

Make sure to add your name to our list so you’re notified when the next retreat is scheduled.

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