This retreat for stepmoms who are moving into the next phase of their journey, or are already there.

The kids might or might not be out of the house, but overall everyone has settled in to their roles, there’s less drama and fewer stressors are impacting your daily life.

You can finally exhale.

Once the dust settles, you might realize that you’re utterly exhausted. Living in a state of chronic stress will do that to you.

We often don’t even realize how burned out we are until it’s over, because in order to survive we just had to keep going.

But now your time is your own and you’re ready to make choices that are best for you. 

Now you can focus on being who you really are, instead of who you had to be.

You can start to recover from the previous years, which may or may not have included traumatic experiences, but which probably involved an extraordinary amount of stress.

You can start to create a life you truly love. And that’s what this retreat is all about.

This retreat is for you if:

  • You’re ready to start focusing on you again

  • You’re ready to start being more honest about what you want and don’t want

  • You need to recover from years of stress and/or traumatic experiences

  • You’re ready to stop being defined by your stepfamily or role as a stepmom

  • You’re ready to make your well-being and happiness a priority

  • You’re ready to bring fun back into your life

How is this retreat different from Stepmom 101?

Stepmom 101 retreat is for women who are in the thick of stepfamily life. We teach them you to navigate and cope with the various stepfamily challenges that you’re currently experiencing.   

Stepmom Renewal retreat is for women who are coming out of that phase of their life and are ready to heal, recover and start looking forward.

We’ll help you find parts of yourself that might have been neglected or lost since becoming a stepmom.

You’ll be provided with time to self-reflect, and exercises to help you discover what’s next for you.

Maybe you want to find forgiveness? Let go of resentments? Recover from years of stress?

And looking forward, what kind of life do you want to be living now? What would it look like to have a life you love? What do you need and want most right now, and what would you need to create it? 

Being on retreat gives you the opportunity to step away from your everyday responsibilities so you’re able to focus on your own well-being without distraction, and gain clarity on situations you’ve been too close to, to see clearly. 

Although words can’t do the retreat experience justice, click here to read and hear what other stepmoms have said about their experience at Stepmom Sanctuary Retreat.

We’re in the process of creating virtual retreats so more stepmoms can have access to them.

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