Jenna korf, stepmother help Jenna Korf, RN, Certified Stepfamily Foundation Coach

I know that it’s possible to have your stepmom experience be closer to the way you want it. I know that it’s possible to have a strong relationship with your partner, remain true to yourself and not get sucked into the drama and negativity, and I’m committed to teaching women how to do that. 

I’ve been a stepmom for 10 years and have been working with stepmoms for over 8 years. No one can know just how difficult it is to be a stepmom –  unless they’ve been one. It was because of my own challenges as a stepmom (hardest things I’ve EVER done!), and my ability to overcome them, that I was compelled to become a coach and help other stepmoms through their journey.

I’m a Certified Stepfamily coach and blogger at, co-author of the book Skirts at War: Beyond Divorced Mom/Stepmom Conflict, founder of Stepmom Revolution, a global community of stepmoms committed to creating the stepfamily life they want, a Certified Practitioner of Strategic Intervention through Robbins-Madanes, RCI Certified Relationship Coach, contributing writer for Stepparent Magazine, have been featured on,, and the Huffington Post. I’m also creator of, a stepfamily certification program where I now educate others, increasing the number of certified stepfamily coaches around the world. 

Listen in as Jenna and Barb coach stepmoms on a variety of topics.

stepmothers, mothers, stepmom, stepfamily, stepchildren, remarriage, divorce, parenting, gossip, ex, ex-wife, Stepfamily help, Barbara GoldbergBarb Goldberg, Certified Coach, M.B.A.

I always loved fairy tales, but never thought I would be cast in one.

How did I get myself here?  I asked myself that question on multiple occasions.  It is weird to feel persecuted when all you ever wanted to do is love and support. After my first marriage left me as a single mom to my son, I remarried and became the stepmother to three children.  Like Jenna, I learned that the fairy tale was alive and well.  The world looked at me differently.  Second wife.  Mistress?   Hater of children. Hater of the ex. Less than. Now, I was part of a class of people who were demeaned and no one seemed to care.

I decided then and there that I wanted to do something about it. I studied with Dr. Martha Beck and became a certified life coach who specializes in stepfamilies. With degrees in education and a masters in business, I saw how these skill  sets could easily be applied to my stepmom toolbox. I want to share these best practices with other stepmoms so that they do not have to suffer one more moment.  I created the website The Evil Stepmother Speaks, a favorite among stepmothers.  You can find our facebook page of the same name, as well as the private facebook page, Stepmom Life Class.  My weekly radio show, The Evil Stepmother Speaks, can be found on BlogTalk Radio.  My book, The Evil Stepmother Speaks:  A Guide for Stepfamilies Who Want to Love and Laugh, is a re-write of all fairy tales with the stepmother as the hero.  It is also a cherished resource for those who have read it. I am a blogger for The Huffington Post and a syndicated blogger for BlogHer.  I have been featured on Martha Stewart Radio, The Morning Scramble, CBS Radio and other media outlets talking about all things stepmom.