1. Is there a religious component to the retreat? No, this is a secular retreat.

2. What is included? Each retreat is different.  Read the details.  If you have any questions, please e-mail Barb and Jenna at Renew@StepmomSanctuaryRetreat.com

3. Can I attend the retreat even if I’m not married to my partner, if I’m not an “official” stepmom? Of course! We welcome all women who are married to, dating or living with a man or woman with kids. 

4. Isn’t this just a place where stepmoms vent and get advice? Can’t you offer this at a cheaper rate? Although women do vent and support each other at the retreat, it’s so much more. At this retreat, we offer the opportunity to experience deep transformation – of your relationship with your partner, the kids, of  yourself and of your stepmom journey. The retreat is much more than a conference where we spend the day talking at you. It’s a place where we help stepmoms create the stepmom experience they want. When pricing the retreat, we have to take into account the price of the facility, plus meals and 4 days of focused attention from us, time that would otherwise be spent coaching clients. We feel the price is very reasonable for the value of what you will experience, and the stepmoms who have attended the retreat in the past would agree. Please see their testimonials here

5. I can’t afford to pay for this in one lump sum. Do I have other options? Yes, we offer a variety of payment options. Please contact us for more information.  

6. How do I pay? You can pay with credit card through Stripe or PayPal, or with your bank account through Paypal. If you need other arrangements, email us at Renew@StepmomSanctuaryRetreat.com

7. What is the refund policy?  In general, we offer a 80% refund 60 days from the first day of the retreat. After this deadline, we can no longer offer a refund.

Your Biggest Challenge

Your biggest challenge will be to make yourself a priority. Can you keep the commitment to do something for yourself vs everyone else’s needs and wants?

When you are at your best, your family is at their best. You have more power than you know. You just need to know how to use it.