1. What are the dates and locations for 2017? The West coast retreat is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort from March 9-12, 2017. You can contact the spa directly to schedule spa treatments during your stay. 

The East coast retreat is in NY at Light on the Hill retreat center from October 12-15, 2017. Please note, this is a retreat center, not a spa resort, but we will be offering you the opportunity to have a 50-minute massage while on retreat.  

2. Other than location, what are the differences between the East coast and West coast retreat facilities? The retreat in New Mexico is at a spa resort, which means they have a multitude of spa services to offer. We have reserved a block of 20 guest rooms for our retreat attendees. Your room includes a private, full bathroom and comes with a mini-fridge, in-room coffee and tea and other luxuries common at a spa resort. 

The retreat center at Light on the Hill does not have the luxuries offered at a spa resort, but it is very comfortable and peaceful. We are able to reserve the entire lodge for our retreat, which means no strangers wandering around us. You have a private room, but there are shared bathrooms. The rooms are very comfortable, but sparse with only a bed, chair and shelving. This retreat center is very peaceful and serene, with many areas to enjoy solitude if you wish. 

3. What is included? Everything is included except your transportation costs and any add-on spa treatments you choose to schedule. We’ll give you transportation tips on follow up emails when you secure your spot.

4. Can I attend the retreat even if I’m not married to my partner? If I’m not an “official” stepmom? Of course! We welcome all women who are married to, dating or living with a man with kids. 

5. Isn’t this just a place where stepmoms vent and get advice? Can’t you offer this at a cheaper rate? Although women do vent and support each other at the retreat, it’s so much more. At this retreat, we offer the opportunity to experience deep transformation – of your relationship with your partner, the kids, of  yourself and of your stepmom journey. The retreat is much more than a conference where we spend the day talking at you. It’s a place where we help stepmoms create the stepmom experience they want. When pricing the retreat, we have to take into account the price of the facility, plus meals and 4 days of focused attention from us, time that would otherwise be spent coaching clients. We feel the price is very reasonable for the value of what you will experience, and the stepmoms who have attended the retreat in the past would agree. Please see their testimonials here

6. I can’t afford to pay for this in one lump sum. Do I have other options? We hate for someone to miss out on this experience because they can’t afford it. We offer a variety of payment options. Please contact us for more information.  

7. How do I pay? You can pay through PayPal by credit card or your PayPal account. If you need other arrangements, email us at Renew@StepmomSanctuaryRetreat.com

8. What is the refund policy? New Mexico: We are able to refund 90% (minus Paypal fees) of your payment through December 31, 2016. We are unable to grant you a refund after December 31, 2016. New York: We are able to refund 90%(minus Paypal fees) of your payment through July 31, 2017. We are unable to grant you a refund after July 31, 2017. 

Your Biggest Challenge

Your biggest challenge will be to make yourself a priority. Can you keep the commitment to do something for yourself vs everyone else’s needs and wants?

When you are at your best, your family is at their best. You have more power than you know. You just need to know how to use it.

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